Lista Firm:

ANTENNA RESEARCH (ARA) - RF antennas and antenna systems, tactical, SOF, EMC
Applied Physical Electronics - EMP/HEMP RF sources, Marx generators, Pulsed-RF-Systems
ASTRONICS - Automated communications test equipment & instruments
BRADEN SHIELDING SYSTEM - shielded enclosures, components, RF, MRI
BREN-TRONICS - military batteries & charging systems
COMTECH PST - custom design amplifiers, switches, limiters, controllers
COMTECH SYSTEMS - Troposcatter, microwave, VSAT
CUBIC DEFENSE APPLICATIONS - MILES training sys, amplifiers, DF, AN/ARS-6(V) PLS
DRS Network & Imaging - C4I BMS Hardware, Thermal Imagers, Thermal Cameras
DRS Signal Solutions - tuners, receivers demods, geolocation systems
DRS SSI - MSTAR battlefield radar, SABRE sensor suite system
DYNAMIC SCIENCES - TEMPEST test systems, radio system engineering, EMC/EMI
Elbit Systems of America Night Vision - Night Vision equip, AN/PVS-14, AN/AVS-9, i-AWARE
KROHN-HITE - test and measurement, calibrators, signal sources
LAFAYETTE INSTRUMENT - polygraphs, deception detectors
LOCKHEED MARTIN SIPPICAN - Countermeasures for EW, probes, comm and nav antennas
NOBLES WORLDWIDE - ammunition chutes, feed systems, gun mounts, defense systems
NORTHROP GRUMMAN - - armament systems MK44, missile products AARGM
- INNOVATION SYSTEMS - Propellant Well Fracking, Flares & Decoys
QINETIQ NORTH AMERICA - Q-Net, Blast Ride, Armor for tactical wheeled, tracked vehicles
RESEARCH ELECTRONICS INT'L - OSCOR, ORION, TALAN counter surveillance detection systems
STANFORD RESEARCH - lock-in amplifiers, generators, ion gage controller, gas analyzers
TCOM L.P. - tactical, operational, strategic class Aerostats, air, land and sea surveillance